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Meet the Shot-caller

Chief Ballout Baller


Completing my Master's Degree in Sports Management while working for a collegiate football program was one of my most pivotal experiences personally and professionally. Growing up an athlete and working with athletes all of my adult life, I was always intrigued by the gut>brain>body connection and how what we feed our bodies and minds, truly impacts how we feel mentally and physically.  What began as a passion project of mine when I was diagnosed with food allergies (couldn't digest dairy or gluten) quickly turned into a craving to better understand how eating a nutrient-dense diet of whole foods can protect/prevent injury and disease while also fueling an active lifestyle.  

After becoming certified in personal training, this craving came full circle.  I was pursuing my Holistic Nutrition Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition while working as the VP of Sports Marketing for a nutrition supplement company that fueled Team USA Olympic athletes and other professional athletes. 



Using the finest, all-natural ingredients with no gluten, dairy, soy or preservatives, your fuel just became a whole lot Baller!! Our products are made with love and hand-rolled using nutrient-rich wholefood ingredients like dark chocolate, plant protein, raw almonds, coconut oil, and cacao. 


I called on some of my favorite "ballers" aka professional athletes that I work with, crafted some of our faves and the result formed Ballout Fuel!  I'm excited to share in your wellness journey, hear stories about how you Ballout with Ballout Fuel and continue to grow healthy together in mind, body, and spirit!




A-M  (Anne-Marie )


It was quite a wake-up call for me to see how much of the foods these athletes were depending upon to fuel them, were processed, full of gluten and dairy and were not optimal for athletic performance.  This set in motion a lot of my own time researching, taste testing and becoming an advocate for educating others from the inside>out because we truly are what we eat!

"Food is one of the most important factors in determining a happy, healthy, body, mind and spirit from the inside > out. Food and exercise/movement truly are medicine for our optimal health.

~Anne-Marie Berte

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